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Idea 40

I see this girl every time I go to the bank to deposit money, but anytime I try to acknowledge any greeting of familiarity, I get a cold sense that she thinks I’m using some subtle pickup line.

What I want to do is photocopy my balance statement, then manipulate it to say something along the lines of $528,117 in my savings, print it on a similar type of paper, go to the bank, deposit or withdraw something and casually drop the manipulated balance statement next to the girl and see if she perks up the moment she sees it. She’ll pick it up to give back and maybe then she’ll warm up to a chat for once but I’ll exchange an insincere “Oh, thanks” and be on my way, hardly looking at the peasant girl. Pish posh, cheerio and all that balderdash.

  1. ashleyketchum said: "one handed skill has increased" aaaannnnd I love you.
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